Take Summer Vacation From Your Loan Payment With Our

Skip A Loan Payment Program

Need some extra cash for a summer trip?  Want to help lower your bills until you’re back to school?  Whatever the reason, freeing up some extra cash is easy with our Skip-A-Payment program. Just fill out a form and you can skip a loan payment in July or August; or both if you wish!

To be eligible, you must have made 6 consecutive payments on the loan(s) and all of your credit union accounts must be in good standing. The Skip-A-Payment program is only available for members to take advantage of one time during the year, in the winter months of January and February or in the summer months of July and August.

To download the Summer 2019 Skip-A-Pay application, please click below:

Summer 2019 Skip-A-Pay Application


Note: All requests to defer a payment must be approved. Interest will continue to accumulate on the outstanding balance, increasing the total cost of borrowing and extending the term of the loan(s).  There is a $20 fee per loan skipped.