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Drive4Less Program — for New and Pre-owned Vehicle Financing

How would you like to combine the best features of a conventional vehicle loan with the benefits of leasing? Drive4Less offers low monthly payments, plus the flexibility of actually buying the vehicle.


Hudson River Financial FCU has this vehicle financing option for you! The low monthly Drive4Less payments free-up more cash for other expenses and may enable you to upgrade to the vehicle that better suits your driving needs. All new and pre-owned cars, vans and light trucks up to five years old qualify for Drive4Less with up to 72-month loan terms available. Drive4Less is the vehicle financing option you’ve been waiting for!

  • No money down. No advance first or last payment, and no security deposit due at signing.
  • Lower monthly payments than conventional loans
  • Vehicle upgrade potential
  • Vehicle ownership (titled in your name)
  • Since the title is in YOUR name, you have more options prior to loan maturity and at loan maturity. Including the ability to turn your vehicle in and walk away at the end of the loan term.
  • No acquisition fee
  • No capitalization fees
  • Yearly mileage available options: 12000, 15000, 18000


To find out more about Drive4Less vehicle loans:

Call (914)-526-4015

Stop by 3563 Mohegan Avenue Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Or simply go directly to the Drive4Less CarBuilder calculator to see for yourself how low your vehicle loan payment can be!

See The Difference in monthly payments for yourself

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