With Memorial Day – the “Unofficial Start of Summer” – right around the corner, many of us are preparing to spend on summer vacations, camps for the kids, and plenty of other things to open up our wallets and purses for. With all of that summer spending, it is worth our while to find ways to save during the summer months. Take a look below at some helpful savings tips you can take advantage of!

Plan Ahead and Pack a Snack!

From weekend road trips to day visits to the park, we spend a lot of time out and about in the beautiful sunshine! Making a plan ahead of your trip and packing snacks and water bottles is an easy and effective way to save over purchasing food and drinks at your destination.  And you won’t just avoid costly upcharges, but can plan to eat healthier as well!

Keep the Heat Out of Your Kitchen

Outdoor grilling is a popular activity in summer, but did you know it can actually save you on Air Conditioning? Each time you cook outdoors, you won’t be using your kitchen stove, which emits heat into your home, and forces your A/C to kick in to overdrive.  Who knew grilling could be as cost-effective as it is fun?

Carpool to the Pool…Or Wherever You and Your Friends May Go

Summer months are always a great time to get together with friends and family to hang out at the pool, lake, beach, or maybe somewhere without water…it’s up to you! Wherever you enjoy the outdoors, save some gas money – and help the environment too – by planning ahead and taking one car instead of all driving separately.  Better yet, if you can walk or bike it to your destination, you’ll get more time in the sun and exercise to boot!

“Hang” Out with Your Laundry

The warm sun and summer breeze always feel great, so why not share the feeling with your clothes! Going old school and hang-drying your laundry can save you a lot more than you expect, with the amount of electricity your dryer uses, especially on higher heat settings.  If you can’t hang dry laundry, try keeping your dryer on a low heat setting, which can help save a few bucks as well.

Let Your Garden Grow!

Summer food shopping options are aplenty with farmer’s markets popping up all around town, and shopping locally is always a great way to save. But to save even more, why not go as local as your backyard for some fresh veggies?  Planting a garden now could lead to a big harvest come summer’s end, and will give a great sense of accomplishment along with the savings.