With the holiday season fast approaching, our mailboxes and emails have already begun to fill with Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. The “busiest shopping days of the year” isn’t just hype; last year more than 174 million Americans made an in-store or online purchase between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday! If you are one of the many folks preparing for this year’s best deals at both retail stores and online, make sure to check out some of our Holiday Shopping tips below!

Always Have a Plan

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer amazing deals on just about anything you could be in the market for, but the amount of specials and sales can be overwhelming. Planning ahead and making a list of all the items that you are in the market for along with a shopping schedule will help you avoid missing out on some great deals. Even better, you won’t need to do any stressful last-minute shopping!

Research and Compare

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are everywhere, and researching all of the promotions available could help you make a shopping plan and keep your shopping experience stress-free! With websites like Google Shopping, that help consumers compare pricing on just about anything; or Best Black Friday, that aggregate all retailers Black Friday offers in one place, planning can be easy and help you save!

Make a Budget, and Stick to It!

Once you have made a plan to get all of your holiday shopping done and compared prices, it is time to make your budget. Knowing your shopping list, the best prices, and having your shopping plan allows you to know exactly how much you will be spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You’re your budget in hand, you can avoid making unnecessary purchases that could feel like a great deal, but end up being wasteful spending.

Read the Fine Print

From special store credit card deals to extensive return policies, many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come with a lot of fine print. Make sure to carefully review any fine print that comes with a deal, and even check it out in advance if it is available. This may make your shopping experience feel a bit more lengthy and tedious; however, it could save you much more time – and money – in the long run.

Know Your “Backup Plan”

With great deals on everything from tape dispensers to televisions, even the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping plans can get thrown for a loop. If you end up over-spending during the holidays, a good backup plan to consolidate holiday spending debt will help you save and give you valuable peace of mind. And as always, if you need help putting together your financial plan, give us a call at 914-526-4015.