With leaves changing colors and a crispness to the air, the beauty of the fall season is upon us. Fall is also a great season to save! Check out some of our fall savings tips below, which can help you save up big and get ready for the next season that comes on the calendar: the holidays.

Set (but don’t forget) Your Meals in a Crock Pot

The fall season is unofficially Crock Pot season! Crock Pots are a convenient way to make large, hearty meals with low-cost and seasonal ingredients. A small investment in a crock pot will give you countless options to pre-plan days’ worth of lunches and dinners for you and your family, which could add up to some big savings by the end of the season!

Update Your Thermostat

Many of us keep our air conditioners cranking throughout the hot summer, but with the seasonal weather change, you want to make sure to update and adjust your thermostats accordingly. Windows open on a crisp day can help keep your house nice and cool, and making adjustments to your settings overnight can help keep both heating and cooling costs low.

Perform a Heating Check-Up

Speaking of heat, fall is when we start to bundle up and switch from A/C to heat. Make sure you check your radiators/baseboards/pipes to make sure they are no leaks or blockages, and if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, make sure your flue/damper is properly sealed and not left open when not in use. Taking care of these check-ups now can save you from needing emergency service once winter weather comes around.

Pick Your Produce

Fall is the perfect time for Farmers Markets as well as weekend trips to farms for picking fresh fruits and other seasonal items. Taking a day trip with the family to enjoy the weather and stock up on some fresh produce is a good way to skip the grocer and save, plus it doubles as a super fun, low-cost activity for the little ones!

Look out for Local Events

Finally, the fall season is usually filled with local weekend events for you, friends and family to enjoy. From Harvest Festivals to Football games, and everything in between, there are tons of inexpensive – and sometimes even free! – events for full fall enjoyment.