Every February 14th, it feels like there is a little more love in the air, and a lot more pressure for you to get the perfect gift or plan the perfect activity for you and your valentine.  Flowers, chocolates and a romantic dinner are all Valentine’s Day staples, but when you add them all up it can get expensive quickly.  If you’re looking for some fun ideas to spend Valentine’s Day without breaking the budget, check out some of our tips and ideas below!

Have A Night Out, But Stay In!

One of the biggest ways to spend on Valentine’s Day is by getting dressed u, going to that fancy restaurant in town, and paying a premium for a quality meal. Why not give yourself that experience from the comfort of your own home?  Look up the menu to your favorite restaurant, pick a meal you know you’d enjoy, and pick up the meal’s ingredients at the grocery store.  You can get dressed up after you cook – or stay dressed down – and have a fancy dinner without the bill being dropped on your table.

Go Down Memory Lane Instead of the Movies

Movie night is another great option for any date night, but instead of spending on tickets and popcorn, you can get plenty of entertainment from watching some old family videos and looking at photo albums. Remembering some great times can be just as entertaining and fun as going to the movies, and you won’t have to worry about anyone talking loudly during the best parts!

Create an Adventure!

From Indoor Skydiving to Escape Rooms, adventurous activities are increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, these activities might not be too popular with your wallet.  All you need for a great adventure, however, is a bit of creativity.  Planning a scavenger hunt with your significant other centered around your favorite places and things can be a fun and inexpensive way to create a fun-filled day!

Still Want to Go Out? Just Wait

If some of these ideas don’t give you that great feeling you only get from a night on the town with the one you love, why not wait until after Valentine’s Day? Every day is a great day to celebrate happiness with the people you cherish most.  Waiting a few weeks to go visit your favorite restaurant or enjoy a fun activity will end up saving you some money, as increased demand for the holiday leads to price increases for many businesses.


No matter what you plan on doing to keep your Valentine’s Day budget friendly, don’t forget to share the love each and every day with friends and family!