Why You Should Use This Free Service

Direct Deposit is the easy and safe way to have your net pay, Social Security, pension or another recurring check automatically deposited into your credit union checking or savings account. It’s also more convenient.

Whether you’re receiving a paycheck every week or a retirement or pension benefit once a month, with Direct Deposit, your money is always in your account the day it is due. You never have to worry about a lost, stolen or mail delayed paper check again.

You also don’t have to make special arrangements to receive or deposit your check when you are away on business, work a different shift, or when you are on vacation. Even better, studies show that you can save from 8 to 24 hours of travel and waiting in a line time every year.

How It Works

To have funds deposited into your checking account you will need a voided check. You also will have to give the company where the funds are coming from the credit union routing number (221979114) – plus your checking account number that is located after the routing number on the bottom left hand corner of your check.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your financial life more convenient. If you have a question, call or stop by the credit union.



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